Web Development


We work with our clients to determine what type of web development would suit their needs and how they want to see it, then we develop a custom solution with them around that vision. Anything from a website, to a sales database with e-mail support, data assurance and hosting can be designed with the clients ideas in mind.


In order to maintain the best possible reliability and security we only use approved coding methods and languages.* This is combined with a build process that uses feed back and client approval. This will assure that the clients vision is the final product. *We follow only the highest coding standards, those set by OWASP, NSA, W3C, IETF, and we code our web applications using the latest in PHP5, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Web Hosting


We can register and configure domains for usage and are able to install any existing websites or web based services (e.g., Email, SSH) on our servers. We are able to provide hosting options for most demands in bandwidth, storage, or processing power.


We are able to provide additional services to compliment an existing network configuration ( i.e., off site storage). 24/7 hosting support is also available.

Search Optimization and Social Media


We create and upgrade any website to appeal to any search engines’ ranking system, by using approved indexing methods (No content farming or paid linking will be used). We are able to audit existing sites and provide reports regarding the most frequent market terms and search patterns to identify how to generate more traffic for a website.


We are able to create/maintain accounts and personas for your company on social websites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter). We can also manage the company image or brand across review boards, by creating support and preventing any libel or slander.

Technical Support


We can provide restoration for any malware damages or software configuration issues, with data recovery options available. We can also offer hardware replacement and repair services .


We offer remote and onsite technical support, as well as 24/7 emergency services.

System Administration


We can help you plan the assembly or upgrade of any computer system or network to optimize performance and cost efficiency .


We can implement and manage software installations or updates across networks. We also offer hardening and security measures for operating systems.

Network Security


We provide multiple options to review existing networks and systems, including full social engineering and physical location security audits. We also offer scheduled security audits and compliance reviews.


We can provide for any existing website or network the same industry standard planning we provide to our in house productions. By applying NSA OS hardening guidelines to networks and servers, in unison with OWASP practices for coding and configuration, we can provide protection for any web service.

Information Assurance


We can provide our clients with the correct methodology and assistance needed to asses and implement a disaster plan that’s right for their needs.


We can provide assistance with scheduling data back ups, providing redundant off-site back up locations, and restoration planning for lost online data.

Education and Consultation


We are able to act as a 3rd party auditor of any web service for its efficiency of code, search engine optimization, and security.


We able to instruct users on a large variety of topics, including; “Secure user practices”, “Advance software and hardware usage”, and ”Internal auditing with standards compliance”